Symposia, Meetings & Webinars

Start-to-finish meeting management is our bread and butter, be it in-person, virtual or hybrid. From booking the venue to choosing the menu, and event branding to logistical planning – we'll be there.

We specialise in:

  • Symposia
  • Medical meetings
  • Advisory boards
  • Webinars (both live-streamed and pre-recorded)
  • Roundtables
  • Workshops
  • Full meeting management from conception to delivery
  • Full range of event materials

For medical meetings, we average:


per event



delegate satisfaction rating*

*In post-event feedback, 98% of attendees rated the meeting ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. These meetings were face to face events, with limited delegate numbers, but online events can be considerably larger.

The three phases of meeting planning

Getting people together can be an exciting and worthwhile pursuit, but it comes with its challenges. There are multiple elements involved, and all of them have to come together at the right time, particularly when it comes to live events, prompting the organisers to go through what we call the three phases of meeting planning…

Phase 1

the 'Let's do this' phase

  • Initial scope exploration & objective definition
  • Target audience definition
  • Venue/digital hosting platform evaluation
  • Agenda development
  • Speaker/KOL identification
  • Determination of collateral materials required

Phase 2

the 'Frantic Planning' phase*

  • Development and approval of all scientific slide decks
  • Event branding & materials (e.g. delegate booklets, bags etc.)
  • Event promotion
  • KOL contract liaison
  • KOL presentation support and/or pre-recording
  • Delegate registration & liaison
  • ABPI code compliance checks
  • Venue preparation
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Hospitality (e.g. food, accommodation)
  • Logistical arrangements (e.g. speaker parking, storage of belongings and equipment)

Phase 3

the 'Worth every minute' phase

  • KOL 'backstage' prep or virtual streaming
  • Delegate meet & greet
  • Live Q&A management
  • Live event filming/recording/photography
  • Evaluation reports & feedback collation
  • Meeting reports
  • Delegate certificate production & distribution
  • Event photography and film footage editing for use on websites/materials
  • Follow-up email campaigns, community engagement
  • *Otherwise known as the 'Why did we ever think this was a sane idea…?' phase

OK, we’re having a bit of fun here – but seriously, this kind of behind-the-scenes planning is what we do all the time.

The result?

Our meetings are scrupulously organised, smoothly run, and very well-received.


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